How To Prepare For Results Day

I know how nerve-wracking it can be leading up to results day, whether that be for GCSE's or for A Levels. I was nervous each year I had to walk up to my school to collect my results and the thought about it is even worse - especially in the day. Since I've already been … Continue reading How To Prepare For Results Day


Is Being Single Really That Bad?

Relationships are a big deal. Talking to people, dates, getting into a relationship, getting out of a relationship (or not if you're lucky enough to have found the right person.) It's a normal part of life. It's as though we are constantly looking for our romantic soul mate in the midst of dealing with this … Continue reading Is Being Single Really That Bad?

Is Riverdale Worth The Hype? (Spoiler Free)

Riverdale has just come to an end, well the first season has anyway. The first season finished on Friday and I wanted to write a blog post on it there and then, but I had more important things coming up so instead I wrote a shorter post in its place (it was an update on … Continue reading Is Riverdale Worth The Hype? (Spoiler Free)

Shyness VS Rudeness

Shyness and rudeness are both two totally different things, but despite this they can still get mixed up when people are socially interacting with one another. Not to mention that it's very frustrating when people mistake your shyness for rudeness. Being shy is defined as being a 'nervous or timid in the company of other … Continue reading Shyness VS Rudeness

Cheryl And Happiness For Monday's post I decided to write a spontaneous one. On Saturday (which is yesterday when I'm currently writing this) Cheryl and Liam both announced on instagram that they became parents to a beautiful baby boy. I am SO incredibly happy, not just for Cheryl but for Liam too. Cheryl has had her fair … Continue reading Cheryl And Happiness