Getting Rid of Toxic People

Toxic people have negative impacts on our lives, they can cause us unnecessary stress, maybe without even realising that they’re doing so. The bottom line is, with a toxic person in your life, it can really take a toll on your mental health which isn’t good for anybody. Sometimes you don’t even realise how toxic … Continue reading Getting Rid of Toxic People

Do Blog Stats Really Matter?

In this day and age it is so easy to weighed down with numbers in various aspects of our life. Whether that be in terms weight, food and calories, or the amount of followers that we have on social media. An obsession with these kinds of numbers can be very unhealthy for us and our … Continue reading Do Blog Stats Really Matter?

Turning Twenty Years Old

By the time that this post goes up on my blog I will have turned 20 years old. My teenage years will have finally passed (celebratory dance). Your teenage years are supposed to be the best years of your life, but your teenage years aren't always sunshine and roses. At least mine weren't anyway. There … Continue reading Turning Twenty Years Old

Pressure And Expectation On Young People

In today's society there is a lot of pressure and expectation from various people in a lives, no matter who we are whether that's as students, parents or whatever the case may be. Specifically today I want to talk about the pressure on young people and the expectations that others may have of us. Not … Continue reading Pressure And Expectation On Young People

10 Things I Learned Before My 20th

It's always good to reflect on the things that you have learnt throughout your life. Life is one big journey and we are constantly learning even if we don't realise it. The lessons we learn help shape us into the people that we are in the present day. Since I turn 20 under two months … Continue reading 10 Things I Learned Before My 20th