July Favourites

For today’s blog post I wanted to write about my July Favourites. I don’t think I’ve written one of these types of posts in a while (and they’re quite fun to write may I add) and I seem to have gathered a fair few favourites along the way, all of which I would love to … Continue reading July Favourites

Favourite Soap & Glory Products

Anyone who knows me well will know how much I've grown to love Soap and Glory products, whether that's shower, beauty or skincare products. The Soap and Glory Spa of Wonder gift set that I received at Christmas definitely made me fall in love with more of their products, so stay tuned to find out … Continue reading Favourite Soap & Glory Products

September Favourites 2018

Throughout the month of September, I've picked up a few favourites that I really want to share with you all. This favourites blog post is going to be a mixture of various different things from beauty to skincare to podcasts, I hope you don't mind! This may be a long favourites post, so please sit … Continue reading September Favourites 2018

Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation First Impressions

I've seen a lot of people review this foundation stick previously and there seems to be a lot of good reviews about it. I've never tried a foundation stick before this because I was worried than it wouldn't work out very well with my skin type, for information I have dry skin. With having normal/dry … Continue reading Revolution Fast Base Stick Foundation First Impressions

Favourite Foundations

I have a few foundations in my makeup collection that I love that I've never shared on my blog before. I've seen others write similar posts to this and I love reading what other people's favourite foundations! Before we get into this post I would like to mention that all of the foundations that I'm … Continue reading Favourite Foundations

My Current Favourite Beauty Products | May 2017

I'm no beauty guru or anything of the sort. Nor am I that good with makeup in all honesty. I'm just an average person who happens to enjoy wearing makeup every now and then. Here I am with my current favourite beauty products that I use on a regular basis (or most of them at … Continue reading My Current Favourite Beauty Products | May 2017

No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream Review

This is my first beauty related blog post to kick off the year but I'd firstly like to say that I'm not a beauty guru in the slightest. Neither will I be posting beauty related blog posts on a regular basis since this isn't what my blog is about, but that doesn't mean I still … Continue reading No7 Essential Moisture Night Cream Review