Reviewing 2019 Goals & Setting 2020 Goals

I looked back on my blog posts and noticed that I wrote a post towards the beginning of the year about my goals for 2019. I wrote about blogging goals and personal goals that I wanted to achieve for the year. For this blog post I thought that it would be nice to reflect on … Continue reading Reviewing 2019 Goals & Setting 2020 Goals

10 New Year Motivational Quotes

It's the beginning of the new year and we're now in the second week of January (obviously).Now for the New Year I know that a lot of people, myself included, write up a few goals or resolutions, some of which may be difficult to maintain or carry on throughout the whole of the year. So … Continue reading 10 New Year Motivational Quotes

5 Personal Goals For 2017

Every year most people make new year resolutions or goals for the next year. Most of the time, however, people don't tend to stick with them. This next year I want to make my own personal goals, but I want to actually stick with them. It might be difficult but I suppose that's the point. … Continue reading 5 Personal Goals For 2017