19 Teacher Gift Ideas

It's coming to the end of the school year for the majority of people and summer is almost upon us. This is a good time to show your teacher some appreciation to brighten their day with a thoughtful gift. Gift buying for anyone can be difficult so for this post I've put together some thoughtful … Continue reading 19 Teacher Gift Ideas


Is striving for perfection reality?

Perfectionism is an idealism that many of us strive for, whether we want to admit or not. This can be in the workplace, our personal lives, our appearance, or whatever it may be. Striving for perfection can be easy to get lost in, but it isn't an ideal that's realistic or achievable. Neither is it … Continue reading Is striving for perfection reality?

13 Interesting Facts About Left Handers

Left Handers have a day all to themselves, August 13th, something which I've only known about for a couple of years despite being left handed myself. I think it's pretty cool that left handers have a specific day all to themselves. Now, there are quite a few interesting facts about being left handed (or about … Continue reading 13 Interesting Facts About Left Handers