5 Tips For Overcoming Writers Block

Whether your writing a blog post, a novel, or anything in between, we all will have experienced writers block at some point and it can be difficult to push through. Staring at a blank screen waiting for the inspiration to somehow hit you isn't going to help the situation. In this post I have a … Continue reading 5 Tips For Overcoming Writers Block

Why I Want To Be An Author

According to twitter, today is National Writing Day as I am writing this post for the next day. And what better way to spend National Writing Day than to be productive and write a blog post related to writing. That is why, today, I have chosen to write about the sub topic of aspiring to … Continue reading Why I Want To Be An Author

What Inspires Me To Write

Finding inspiration can be hard sometimes as a writer. We all find inspiration in different ways and I wanted share a few ways that inspire me to write and I hope that this helps you to find and search for inspiration too. 1. Music. This is one of my biggest sources for finding inspiration, especially … Continue reading What Inspires Me To Write